Case Study

Great Places Housing Group

Fed up with a poorly performing supply chain, we helped GPHG to set up their own Distribution Centre in Greater Manchester to service their 18,000 homes.

The DC uses Stock Right Now software to manage the flow of work. Our system collects intelligent data that allows Great Places to learn about their supply chain and help it improve.

Great Places tradespeople use our mobile app to record what they use and order the parts they need. This provides flexibility to order from a network of carefully chosen suppliers, with their quality measured at the touch of a button.

By focussing on what matters to customers and making our systems easy and intuitive for users, Great Places have enjoyed greater control over their supply chain. Once you have this, costs reduce and customer satisfaction increases:

  • Annual materials spend has reduced by 25%
  • The number of repairs completed per day has increased by 25%
  • The average end to end time from customer call to completed repair has improved by 58%
  • Overall mileage of the repairs fleet has reduced by 160,000 miles per year

However, don’t take our word for it, listen to the people that matter in the videos opposite.

Stock Right Now Software

Matt Harrison (CEO)

Victoria Berry (Supply Chain Manager)

Terry McEntee (Multitrade Operative)

Everyone (Matt, Vicky, Mark, Terry, and Simon the supplier)