Would you ever guess the description?

For some reason builders, plumbing and electrical merchants all have their own unique language and coding system for parts. The problem is many descriptions do not actually contain the word that represents them. You would think a Round Handle would have the words Round or Handle in wouldn’t you?

Think again.

Take our test to see if you can decipher what the parts are from the supplier’s description. If you get more than 50% you're doing well…

But hang on, just imagine if you were searching for a part in a search engine with all those poor descriptions. Would you have actually found what you were looking for based on the suppliers description?

We think not, but take the test to find out.

The good news is Stock Right Now can provide you with a ‘they say , we say’ simple solution to this problem that is easily searchable, especially when it is combined with either of our apps for stock-taking or reporting van stock usage.



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